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I'm a bit uncertain as to where we are actually at with the Digital Technologies curriculum. According to the Australian Curriculum site it is "Available for use; awaiting final endorsement". What does this mean? Have schools or states (I'm NSW) started using it yet? I can't seem to find out.
Digital Technologies Foundation to Year 10 Curriculum by rows – The Australian Curriculum v7.4 Learning in Digital Technologies builds on concepts, skills and processes developed in the Early Years Learning Framework. It focuses on developing foundational skills in computational thinking and an awareness of personal experiences using digital systems. By the end of Year 2, students will …

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Hi Suzie, Good question! Each state is different and have different implementation plans. Teachers can start using the document and implementing lessons as they wish- whether or not it is officially implemented is now up to each state and territory to decide. If we hear any updates, we can feed them through!

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