Suzie “Fedsie” Feodoroff▸ Years 7 – 8 Digital Technologies MOOC

Here's my mobile maker space. Got to start somewhere. Included are a couple each of raspberry pis, BrickPis, Arduinos, Mindstorms, Durivis Dive VR goggles, an Intel Galileo, starter kit gadgets including sensors, LEDs, fans, motors, buttons, buzzers, etc and about 9 pairs of lenses and some Velcro for making Google Cardboard. Without having a "space" makes it challenging at lunch times because carrying, unpacking and packing up cuts into the time.

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  • Claire Adams: Wow! What a cool collection. I am jealous! I’d love to see some of the awesome things you and your kids come up with from all of those goodies.
  • Rebecca Vivian: Although it must be challenging moving it around, I love that you haven’t let having a “space” hold you back by making it a “mobile” makerspace! Thanks for sharing!

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