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Apps seem to be the 'thing'…. If you can take a task like Roll Marking (for a teacher), or evaluating how successful one has been in achieving the Learning Intentions for a lesson (for a student) and turn it into an App, there seems more likelihood that the user will engage. #Apps  

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  • Robie Jayawardhana: My techs visit schools and are required to checkin and checkout via their mobile phones. I am thinking of creating an App which does this but then generates graphs for us on  a dashboard indicating the number of support hours we give to schools adjusted/standardised to account for differences in student number. And if other members of the office use the app (school consultants, curriculum team, indig ed team and RE team), we’ll get a pretty good idea of the relative amounts of personal attention some schools get over others. #Apps  
  • Anne Weaver: Hey Robie, I am doing the Makerspace strand. Best wishes to you all in T’ville
  • Robie Jayawardhana: + Anne Weaver   Thanks Anne. Same to you. Makerspaces sound intriguing. Could every building have one….A glass wall that adjoins a classroom would be great from a supervision point of view.. What about someone in the resource centre supervising multiple makerspaces using cctv and a microphone? 🙂

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