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 Three app design software or tools:
1. I use App Inventor with my Year 8s.
2. Livecode – with advanced students who are into coding.
3. I have used 'GameSalad' in the past but was not that happy with it due to the limited number of free sprits available. This is mainly for games but can create Apps as well. http://gamesalad.com
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  • Lorraine Cusens: Our students have explored GameSalad but your comment about the number of sprites is why they preferred other options such as Kodu.
  • Helen Niranjan: I only get to teach each Year 8 group, for two terms (technology mandatory in NSW). I make this as an Introduction to what is to come in Year 9 & 10 IST classes. Term one → Students build their own business. Designing a 3D product in Sketchup(including introduction to Augmented reality using AR media). Then creating a business card with QR code using Photoshop. They also create a website for their product using Weebly. At the end of the term, I print their business product using the 3D printer. Term two → Robotics (building a bumper car), GameMaker (building a simple maze game) and using App Inventor to create paint pot App.

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