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I'm sure most people will have seen this short film about Caine's Arcade. I discovered it first about a year ago just as I had started to think about re-introducing participatory activities into my library space. I've shown it to older students and just last week my little granddaughter saw it on tv on a program which then showed what other children were doing as a result of having seen Caine's project.Seems every kid who does see it can relate to the fun of building and making – and [leaving out the whole warm fuzzy everyone getting together to play the games], what I find inspirational is that this simple little film has encouraged other children to engage their imaginations and build simply for the joy of it.  It really was the impetus for me to investigate makerspaces more fully and while I have been doing lots of reading and searching and talking about it, enrolling in this course is probably my most proactive step so far 🙂


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  • Anne Weaver: I love this video!
  • Losang Zopa: Such pure joy in it Anne – and I was fascinated when Kysha watched it on BTN last week…….profound………and can see boxes will be even more sacred around here now

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