Nicola Obrien▸ Years 7 – 8 Digital Technologies MOOC

I've chosen the app stream as I'm about to take a group of girls through an app development competition – can't wait!

I'd like to share the competition details here:

There are many inspiring stories on the tech girls website, including videos of last year's winners.

We're going to be using MIT App Inventor – so simple yet so powerful. It's a visual programming language, and a great natural follow on from scratch. 
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2015 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero

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  • Suzie “Fedsie” Feodoroff: Looks great!
  • Rebecca Vivian: Thanks for sharing this! I’m going to share the Tech Girl comp across our CSER social media.
  • Losang Zopa: Thanx for sharing – will take a look at this 🙂
  • Nicola Obrien: That would be great Rebecca – such a great opportunity for girls to get involved.

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