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#Makerspace  Digital Portfolio #1 – The Beginning

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  • Losang Zopa: I’d really to like ‘blackboard’ paint a wall but that might not go down well – still there are windows to write on 🙂
  • Anne Weaver: My son blackboard painted a wall in his bedroom.It is very dusty on the floor-probably why blackboards have ledges. A whiteboard is better if you can scrounge one, or they can write on glass if there is some,though this always seems hard to read to me.
  • Losang Zopa: Where there’s a will………….I will come up with something 🙂
  • Anne Weaver: Yes you will. I am going to bed.Long day…more makerspace adventures Sunday-have display at our Open Day.
  • Losang Zopa: Lovely! have fun!
  • Rebecca Vivian: This looks like an excellent start to your journey! I imaging this could also be used to develop some PD sessions for your colleagues about what the Makerspace is all about! 

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