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The video below shows how traffic in 8 different cities around the world moves around over the course of a day. It collects its data from Waze, an open, crowd-sourced traffic/navigation app downloadable on iOS and Android. It's a great way to develop an understanding of how people move around a city, and the congestion issues that larger cities face with regards to traffic flow and distribution. A great activity you could do with student would be to have them use the images to determine where people tend to work and/or live, and to have them hypothesise about what kinds activities may be occurring in different parts of cities around the world.

More detailed graphics for each city is also available by following the links at the end of the video, and data on more cities is available with a quick search.

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Awesome example. I like your idea.
  • Nick Jackson: Class Bruce
  • Chris Haskard: I like the visual representation

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