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Pygame is a collection of modules that allow you to build games using the Python programming language. It makes working with graphics relatively easy, and introduces some core concepts around programming for games that are important for students to understand (such as understanding the concept of an "event" and the nature of polling).

Python is an excellent general purpose programming language to learn since the syntax is easy and it encourages good programming practices. It is also easy to use in a cross-platform environment. It can be introduced easily at the year 7/8 band, and I have done so in my own teaching experience many times with great results.

Pygame would probably be best suited as a platform for students who are comfortable with Python as a programming language – starting out with Pygame would likely be too complex as an introduction. It relies on Object-Oriented concepts that are introduced in the 9/10 band of the curriculum.Wiki

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  • Helen Niranjan: Have you tried the NCSS challenge run by Sydney Uni every year?
  • Bruce Fuda: Yep – have been using it for many years and attend the NCSS Summer School regularly as well. It is a great program and well worth getting students involved in it. The Summer School is also a great opportunity for some excellent Teacher PD – look it up after the Challenge and see if you can spare 10 days in January if you’re looking to up your skills in Python or Arduino.
  • Helen Niranjan: Thanks for the suggestion about the summer school. My students do the NCSS challenge and some have been to the summer school. I have never been able to go. Maybe soon I will get a chance to go!

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