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Jake is a student at my college in the ACT who developed a glove that uses bluetooth, a smartphone app and motion control to control other electronic devices using the same technologies that are used on the Internet. He gave a TEDx Talk at TEDxSydney in 2014 – this is his presentation.

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  • Helen Niranjan: Wow, very impressive. Could you please give some more info about which class Jake is in and was this a major project for one of his subjects or was it something he developed outside the class?
  • Bruce Fuda: I’ve got Jake in class with me right now – I’ll get him to reply: The project was technically for the CSIRO CREST program I was undertaking as part of my school’s science and technology focused year 10 program, however I spent a large amount of time developing it out of class as it was something I was passionate about. I also integrated it with my Mechatronics class in which I could prototype 3d printed cases which I didn’t end up using.
  • Helen Niranjan: Well done Jake. Mr Fuda is blessed to have a student like you in his class.
  • Thushari Atapattu: Wow.. This is awesome Jake & Bruce! Well done!

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