Bruce Fuda▸ Years 7 – 8 Digital Technologies MOOC

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Although it was mentioned in the module, I'm going to choose PhoneGap as the platform of choice for Apps in this stream. One of the dangers of working with App development platforms is selecting an option that requires students to learn yet another programming language. Since students tend to enjoy working with the basic web technologies of HTML, CSS and Javascript from pretty early on, the fact that PhoneGap uses this standard combination of web tools makes it a great choice for starting out web development with a general purpose programming language that will likely be somewhat familiar for students with a web background.

It would fit in nicely as a progression from the basics of web development, and therefore could be used in the later stages of the 7-8 band, and be expanded upon further in the 9/10 band where students develop a better understanding of Object-oriented programming. The fact that Javascript is an OO language means that you can continue to build on pre-existing foundations, and extend students without having to introduce another syntax or language.PhoneGap | Home

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