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I checked out some other App making sites.  I was interested in finding one that worked for iOS as we have a few iPads and most of the staff work on the iOS system.  One site I found is called AppyPie.  It is a drag and drop scenario, leaving the user without access to the coding information … in the free version at least.  But I could see the benefits for introduction to App development. 
A cool function is that you can create a game within the app, it is a game from about 6 template options, but again, it gives students the idea before you launch them into code based app design.
Another negative is that once you have create the app, you are unable to edit it on the free plan, so this would be a one lesson task.
To use this online software, the students create a login, choose the app features and then edit it's feature such as quizzes, maps etc.
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  • Lorraine Cusens: We are not an ipad school but it is great for those that do have their own ipads.

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