Lisa Kyriacou▸ Years 7 – 8 Digital Technologies MOOC

I have chosen the App stream to create a stage 4 program on app development and allow the students to gain interest in digital technologies 

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  • Helen Niranjan: I would like to know some examples of apps you are planning to ask them to create. Are you planing to use App inventor or anything else?
  • Lisa Kyriacou: I’m considering getting them to create apps to do with needs in the school and local community. I am hoping to use App Inventor but we are a MAC school so I have to look at using the emulator to get it working (or the students own devices). Have you had any experience with app development?
  • Helen Niranjan: Yes, I use App Inventor. We are a Mac school as well, but the IT guys got the App Inventor and emulator working for my students to access.

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