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Hi, D&T/Electronics teacher in GIHS, Adelaide.  Just getting to grips with the Digital Technologies.  Have IT background in systems/electronics but more H/W than S/W.  Looking forward to working with other Secondary Teachers at Year 8 level for AC ideas.

Also pushing Python, using Codecademy's Python course, which is excellent.  It's FREE! 🙂 and allows you to set up a class list by cutting and pasting from a spreadsheet into their site. It has a leader board to see who is excelling, and also it displays everyone's progress.  Have a look! 🙂Python

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  • Suzie “Fedsie” Feodoroff: I’ve got my students into Python programming with #Codecademy too. It is excellent. The students are really getting into it. I just wander around the room guiding and supporting them to gain debugging skills and error detection and correction. It’s great watching them develop in this area. I’ve used Codecademy for HTML and CSS as well.

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