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The YouTube video links below are of the Hopscotch program.
Programming in Hopscotch is similar to Scratch, that's why I like it for my kids!. You can develop app games, animations, stories and more. Its user friendly, those with no coding skills can use it. My 6 year old daughter loves testing her little programmed creations using hopscotch on her ipad. I like that they have video tutorials you can maximise and minimise as you work through projects. My daughter enjoyed listening to the video and then pausing it and following the steps on her own (with a little assistance).
Make a Snowboarding Game
Hopscotch: Introduction to Programming (v2.2)
The link below is where you can download the app: 

#AppsTask4   #Option2   Hopscotch – Learn to program. Make Awesome things.

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Thanks for sharing these tutorials. This will be useful! I love that your 6 year old daughter is creating programs 🙂
  • Lisa Rube: Yes, because Im not currently teaching, I test out some of these tutorials with my daughters who are all in primary school. Im new to programming so it helps me get an idea of what its all about, but it also lets me see how user friendly some of these programs are for children. Some of the best programs like Scratch dont run on iOS.

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