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I am a teacher at Aquinas College in Ringwood and I am looking forward in creating a Makerspace in the Technology area. Aquinas College has a great Technology facility which consists of a wood work area, computer lab, Systems Engineering room and a room where the students studying  plumbing can work in. However I would like to integrate more digital technology into the Design curriculum which is where the Australian curriculum is heading. I am excited about developing an in-house community for students to share, develop and create products using apps, gaming, robotics, programming, data visualisation, a laser cutter and the 3D printer.  

Here is a  photo of the area of the future Aquinas Makerspace.

This is a year 7 Design class. They are using iPads to design and tools to cut out and construct their model made in wood.#inspiration

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  • Richards: Looks fabulous. I am on a similar journey in creating a MakerSpace at my College and love hearing about what others are doing!

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