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Robot Virtual Worlds has lots of resources available. You can obtain licences for virtual robot software (great if you have limited number or no physical robots) and there is also a free virtual robot app worth looking into. Virtual Worlds | ROBOTC | VEX & NXT Simulator

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  • Helen Niranjan: I am very interested to use the Robot Virtual Worlds. I had a look and it looks really cool, I am sure my students will love this. Have you used it? Can you use it on Mac(looks like it is windows based)? Is it free or is there a charge? 
  • Suzie “Fedsie” Feodoroff: The iPad app is free. You can get trial versions for limited times. Don’t know if it works on mac. Yes I’ve bought a yearly subscription for myself. You can buy class licences. I think it’s reasonably priced particularly when compared to physical robots if you don’t have them. I think the software will also run physical robots as well. All these details are on their web.

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