Suzie “Fedsie” Feodoroff▸ Years 7 – 8 Digital Technologies MOOC

I'm wondering if I can draw some inspiration from this eBook that I bought through Humble Bundle to inspire and engage girls in tech and making +Meridith Ebbs

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  • Meridith Ebbs (iMerinet): Looks good. I bought Sylvia’s super awesome project book
  • Suzie “Fedsie” Feodoroff: Got to work out where to buy some of the supplies.
  • Suzie “Fedsie” Feodoroff: Ah yeah I saw a YouTube video of her. I’ve got a couple of Arduinos and beginner kits, so I might check this book out.
  • Meridith Ebbs (iMerinet): My problem is finding time to experiment with all my ideas. When I do find time I need to remember what my great ideas are.
  • Suzie “Fedsie” Feodoroff: Haha yeah same! I’ve got so much going round and round in my head most of my waking hours. Wish I could take a year off to do a lot of it.

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