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I have created instructions as a flow chart algorithm for my Year 7 class to write a set of instructions, as an algorithm, to get out of a maze. My first lesson introducing algorithms didn't work too well, so I hope I have better success with this. We will start the next lesson by looking at a fun, quirky youtube clip I found introducing algorithms, complete the 'uplugged' maze task, and then go onto 'Maze' in Blockly.

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  • Velma Beaglehole: Sounds a good sequence of lessons. Just to clarify, did the students use code to write the maze instructions, as well as arrows? E.g. Fwd 5 -> turn 90 -> fwd 10 etc?
  • Jeni Siviour: No, just arrows, at this stage, until they get the hang of how to write the instructions.
  • Jeni Siviour: They gave me good feedback that it was easy to follow.

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