Rachael Bath▸ Years 7 – 8 Digital Technologies MOOC

This is my #Portfolio  task that I am beginning to develop as an instructional tool to use in my year 6/7 classroom to develop the skills and knowledge of games and game development in the #AustralianCurriculum  in addition to this I will be aligning this with the #IBDesignCycle  as this is a requirement of my school. 

I hope you find the time to peruse this portfolio and give me feedback where possible. I plan to implement this towards the end of this year.

Please continue to visit this resource as I will be developing it over the next few days and weeks. I also give permission to use this as a teaching tool with full acknowledgement. (CC) (BY-NC-SA)
#GamesTask1 #inspiration #careers #software #Portfolio  #CSERIntroduction to Creating Games

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Such a great way to share your journey! 🙂 I look forward to seeing it grow.

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