Jackie Child▸ Years 7 – 8 Digital Technologies MOOC

I have just entered my ePortfolio but I will be continuing developing our school Library MakerSpace Zone!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this MOOC and benefitted so much from all the other participants….Thank you so much everyone!
I will also try to tackle some of the other streams!

CSER MOOC | Making, Building and Creating to Learn jchild.edublogs.org

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Brilliant! Love the outcome! The wall with phrases is such a fantastic idea. I like how you used books as inspiration and for motivation with your makerspace. 
  • Jackie Child: Thanks Rebecca….just think …all thanks to inspiring me in the first MOOC!
  • Anne Weaver: Jackie, I have tried to submit my eportfolio, but the Assessment link just hangs on a white page and does not open. I have tried the link a few times. Did you have any problems or did you use another method? Thanks, Anne
  • Anne Weaver: Jackie, I have now submitted as well. Had to go to introduction to find link that worked for submitting https://csdigitaltech.appspot.com/cser_nextsteps/unit?unit=76&lesson=77 that is at Unit 4.3 The one at Unit 7 does not work for submitting assessment. Looking forward to reading your makerspace eportfolio. Cheerio, Anne   
  • Rebecca Vivian: Sorry Anne! I have just realised that the link was broken in the wrap-up. Thanks for flagging it. They are now all fixed and direct back to the main course page & submission instructions.

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