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The Australian Technologies curriculum has been endorsed (happy dance) and a GREAT place to start is with an #HourOfCode in December for your school!

When you register, you receive free materials to organise and run your event. It's so easy! It could be for students, parents (intro to new curriculum) or even to get your colleagues introduced to some key curriculum concepts as an hour of #PL. All participants receive a certificate with their name on it.

Feel free to contact us at CSER if you need any help/advice! We'd love to hear stories of how you bring an Hour of Code to your school! #AusED #events  The Hour of Code is coming

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  • Katrina Nicholson: I would love to do the hour of code – but we finish school on the 4th December in Qld!
  • Rebecca Vivian: Hi Katrina, I’ve just checked and been told that it’s fine for Australians to do it a week or two before – still gets counted 🙂 

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