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Three examples of how technology benefits society are:
1.The ability to have virtual conferences. For those of us outside the main centres this gives us the ability to attend conferences that under normal circumstances we could not do.

2.The advances in medicine for example in diagnosing problems – see this report: http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/s2044905.htm

3. The ability for the average person to now learn coding to build apps etc for their own benefit – www.python.org

A problem in my own life:
Currently I spend a lot of time weeding my garden. I have 1 acre mostly with native bushes etc. I do not use weed killers as that affects bees. So I would love to develop a robot that I can get to do the weeding for me so I can concentrate on mulching etc.


5 Best Virtual Meeting Technologies – Communication Technology – Use of Technology

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