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Task 6: Developing and Implementing Apps #cserApps6
I am quite interested in VR. I am not really a gamer but I like the experience of VR. There is a huge variety in the quality and usability of these apps.

I think an interesting lesson might be to analyse and review a range of apps and identify what makes a good app. Defining a good app might help students to pre-plan their own apps.

Students might observe the need for instructions to commence the ride.
They might observe the graphics quality and the flexibility with where the rider can look – compared with other apps this one does not have enough flexibility.
The extra visuals, sound and whether the app gives the ability to choose what to look at or walk towards within the app.

The app I have attached is one that students have identified a range of opportunities for improvement. They then considered what they liked about the app. As part of their task, they would create a guide to how to improve this app. The app would receive a rating.

As part of the improvement process, they might look at how to improve – what skills and technology might they need to achieve their proposed improvements?

Another idea would be to have an app that we had access to the code for such as the ones in the MOOC and then have the students rate and review the app, plan improvements, and then use the code to extend, change etc.

As I am new to digital technologies, I am still finding my feet creating apps. However, a student and I are working on converting a book idea we had, into an interactive app for students to use. I like the thought that it is another text type that can be used instead of the traditional narrative. If it works, we shall post a link 🙂

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