Gabbie Lee▸ Defining Problems (Task 3)

Defining Problems for Apps (Task 3)

Learning Objectives:
Investigating and defining (ACTDIP027)
Generating and designing (ACTDIP028)

Resources: post-it notes and textas

Design Situation:
Computer Science is an extremely powerful too for solving real world problems. Now that you are a high school student you have most probably experienced or become aware of some problems at school, in your neighbourhood or community that could be solved by Computer Science.

Design Brief
Working in a design team, you are to design, produce and evaluate an app which solves a problem in your school, neighbourhood or community.

Working in your design team (can be chosen by teachers or students depending on class dynamics) you will need to brainstorm possible problems or opportunities that exist in the school, community or neighbourhood. Each design team will record their ideas on post-it notes. Post-it notes from all design teams will be placed on the class ideas wall. each group will then share their ideas with the class. Teacher/peers can provide feedback about the identified needs/opportunities.

Defining Problem
Design teams would then need to complete a scaffold in order to define their problem/opportunity. In defining the problem design teams would need to consider function, economic, environmental, social, technical and usability constraints.

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