Naomi Dreher▸ Defining Problems (Task 3)

3) An example project that was developed in your class with respect to defining problems for apps.

This was develop by some Yr9 students who I saw for 1 hour a week, they were new to coding and had not previously designed an app – such a task would also be appropriate for Yr7 or 8 students.

The design brief was to create an app that would benefit students at our school. The worksheet given to them is quite brief and could do with some revising to better reflect the 'High Level Design' criteria in this Mooc

The second part of their planning was to create a wireframe which demonstrates the look and feel of the app as well as some of the data requirements (students would ideally annotate this to reflect more of their thinking and decision making regarding design and data). Wireframes are a great tool for students to refer back to as they are developing their app, it provides a visual reference as well as a reminder of the data required. Wireframes can be used by team members working on different tasks to ensure that continuity is maintained.

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