Joanne Cheng▸ Organising Data (Task 4)

This is a lesson plan for cleaning data source suitable for year 7 -8 students.
Syllabus outcomes #cserApps4 !
Collecting, Managing and Analysing Data (ACTDIP016)
Collecting, Managing and Analysing Data (ACTDIP025)
Students will be given a text file(txt delimited file) of mocked customer names from a department store.
Clean data should be no duplicate names, no space in front of a first name of surname. So we can use the customer names create customer numbers for future shopping records.
1) Present the uncleaned data.
There are duplicate names, inconsistent case text and spaces in front of some names.
2) Explain how Excel check duplicate data.
3) Introduce functions in excel
Trim (clean space for a string text)
Proper(change all names to the first letter in upper case and the rest in lower case)
Excel Function or menu checking duplicate data
Exact function
Delete duplicate data clicking Data, then Remove duplicate names
4) Extension
What is alternative way to generate customer number when customers who have the same first and last name?
The following table shows the data before being cleaned and the data after three cleaning activities.

#cserApps4 !

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