Roger Barns▸ Defining Problems (Task 3)

Australian Curriculum:
1. Plan and manage digital projects to create interactive information.
2. Define and decompose problems in terms of functional requirements and constraints.

I've modified the game High Level Design examples that were in the video so that it supports student development groups sitting around a table. Each student would be required to act as a scribe to fill in the section/s closest to them (although you may modify this depending on the literacy levels and confidence of your class). To start with, we would fill in an example on the board/projector/tv at the front of the class. To do this we would play a game from Scratch, then complete the HLD doc for that game as a class ( Teams would then break off to develop their own games. Depending on the group I would either allow them free reign to choose their own project, give them a choice of teacher defined ones (eg a simple platformer, wack-a-mole etc), or give them a challenge to solve (eg create a game to teach someone how to count in binary, an interactive game that helps younger students learn their 4 times tables etc).

Students fill in the document, then photograph it and upload to their group site with Canvas (or Google docs etc). They nominate themselves for roles and allocate jobs. #cserApps3 #GameMaking

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