K Gard▸ Developing and Implementing (Task 6)

One of the biggest problems with teaching apps to students (other than the most obvious problem of the actual coding) can be coming up with an idea that is reasonable and possible. Some students will think of ideas that are far too vast for a simple first app. Giving the students a more limited list would be a better starting point than just brain-storming ideas. These students wrote an app to help teach fractions. Coming up with an app about a task than teaches students through an app is more reasonable. I would suggest a list of possible apps that the students could create that accomplish one simple task. After all, the point is to learn how to create an app– not to have the best app in the world. Once students have mastered this, they would have the necessary skills to create more complicated and sophisticated apps. #cserApps6 https://www.bendigoadvertiser.com.au/story/5087991/too-clever-by-half-grade-6-students-create-maths-app/#slide=2Too clever by half! Grade 6 students create maths app | Bendigo Advertiser

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