Gabriele Haiden▸ Digital Technologies in Society (Task 2)

Digital Technologies in Society (Task 2)
Scanner Pro is an app that turns your phone into a scanner. I love this app as it saves me going to the Post office or buying a scanner, when I need to send off a document that has been scanned. The app does cost a very miniscule amount but it's worth it. You are not using petrol to drive somewhere to have it done, you are saving on a printer/scanner, and you save a lot of time too.

The other benefit of this app is that it is perfect for someone who is not mobile or has difficulty accessing computer peripherals. As most people have a phone, this app will not only scan a document, but you can then share it immediately. The scans are much better than a photo in quality.
This is a useful app for just about anyone. #cserApps2

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  • Kylie Owen: This sounds very useful. I am going to give this a go

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