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Task 6 – Developing & Implementing Apps
A couple of lesson ideas for introducing students to general purpose programming language could be using Kahn Academy Hour of Code. Depending on prior learning, the class could start with an easy challenge such as designing and drawing a snowman with JavaScript. I completed the task and found the video tutorials really helpful. The teacher is able to assign appropriate tasks to students depending on their ability.

A second lesson to introduce students to general purpose programming language could be to complete a project using a Micro:bit. When coding a Micro:bit, students are able to switch between coding with blocks and JavaScript. This is a brief example of some code I wrote to display a heart icon & clear it using buttons as input. This code is for the Micro:bit.
input.onButtonPressed(Button.A, () => {
input.onButtonPressed(Button.B, () => {
basic.forever(() => {


The website also has lots of examples of projects teachers could use. Academy

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