Thomas Vinter▸ Organising Data (Task 4)

A data source that was used in one of of my classes, together with any challenges or problems with using it.

During a research task on Network Digital Systems, my year 9 DGT students surveyed the entire schools network system. We encountered issues with tablet connectivity, data loss and integrity. Back to the old fashioned way, pen and paper. We produced a significant amount of written survey data (over 100 rooms) and needed a thorough process for managing the collection, entry and validation.

Data Collection: a room checklist was displayed and students selected rooms to survey for the lesson (avoiding double ups). Students completed a class sign out sheet indicating the survey work in progress. Modelling of conduct and behavior was important to ensure minimal disruptions to other classes.

Data Entry: some students have a knack and passion for this. We utilised in and out trays plus a host of efficiency measures to ensure data entry was quick and reliable.

Data Validation: Quality assurance measures were put in place to check data collection and entry. Spot checks performed on various rooms and all data was doubled checked by students.

The survey task took about 5-6 lessons to complete. We then used the data to develop a detailed network map of the school, analyse data flow, learn about network components, noise and make recommendations to the network administrator.


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