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#csertask1 I played the human robot game making jam sandwiches with both a year 6 and 7 class. I found it worked well when done in groups which allowed for conversation leading to effective brainstorming on what needed to be changed each time to debug their instructions. Another one that worked well as an introduction as a whole class was trying to give instructions to tie a shoe lace… this caused lots of laughter and discussion on what was required to get the task complete. Also made the person really think about what the instruction was that they were given. Sometimes they would automatically follow the instruction and some else would point out they couldn't do that because…..

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  • Ilana Shaw: I thought the video of the human robots looked excellent and am keen to try this with my class next year. I will also try out the shoe lace activity.
  • Nathan Brown: Totally agree with you both here. What a valuable video for teaching algorithms. I also thought it was a very interdisciplinary task that could be used in other subjects that I teach such as History, Geography and Science. I find I am always explicitly teaching a lesson around the importance of breaking down a task and developing an action plan towards the end goal. Such a simple/engaging task could help students work through the decomposition of an essay, science report or field work report as well.

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