Rick Walker▸ Years 7 – 8 Digital Technologies MOOC

The data sources that I like to use, are one’s I have from years ago and have inbuilt errors.
The first is the First Fleet Data base and it contains the records of all of the convicts of the first fleet. It has inbuilt errors such as the age of the youngest convict and what they were charged with. These can be corrected with research on the convicts names and prison records.
The second is the 1828 Census, which is very flawed, as the census took over 6 months to complete, and when you do searches such as Bathurst there are a multitude of answers without reference to where the Bathurst is, a street, Lake , Plain or town, and the number of women is misrepresented, as wherever there was a woman mentioned she was included in the database whereas there were only a certain number of men.

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