Gabbie Lee▸ Testing and Debugging (Task 7)

Task 7 Testing and Debugging
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Generating and Designing (ACTDIP029) Evaluating (ACTDIP031)

I would not necessarily teach testing and debugging as a single lesson but as an ongoing part of the design process. It would be a part of "ongoing evaluation" which students would document in their design folios. Ongoing evaluation would involve clicking the ' verify' button on the Arduino online editor to ensure the code is correct. Students would also need to test the code to ensure it is performing the intended task. This is done by uploading the code to the Arduino and going back to the code to edit if the required task is not completed.
The unit of work would start with a problem. For example; Working in design teams of 2 or 3 people you are required to use a sensor in an Arduino circuit and coding to solve a real world problem you have encountered. In the last week of term each design team will showcase their product. Design teams will present their prototype, a design folio which clearly documents the design process, a role description for each member of the team and a feedback form. Information from feedback can be used in the final evaluation. A functioning prototype completes the task and indicates that testing and debugging has been thorough and successful.

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