Chad Ivic▸ Classroom Experiences (Task 8)

#cserApps8 – a challenge of taking the ideas and practices from this MOOC to your classroom.

When you are new to teaching Digital Technologies I think debugging on the spot in the classroom is particularly challenging. Especially when you have multiple students with bugs in their programs all wanting help at the same time.
I have found that if I am honest with my students and let them know that I am not an expert but just another learner like them this take the pressure off. It's ok for students to send you their buggy programs so that us teachers have the time and space to find these bugs and share our problem solving thought processes with the students in the next lesson.

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  • Meridith Ebbs (iMerinet): I agree that debugging is a problem on the spot in the classroom. Try using students who have completed their programs working as techsperts to help others. The more the you teach it the better you become at debugging. Where possible If you have a standard project that you can give to students to modify for those who can’t get their working. This will let them keep up and still meet the require standard.

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