Michael Heazlett▸ Testing and Debugging (Task 7)

#cserApps7 : Testing and debugging: The following is a link to eddison robots for those who are not familiar with them that I use in the mandatory tech curriculum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skmVeFYgHCs
Students are required to program the robots using sounds, barcoding, qrcodes, and visual programming software. When given a specific task to perform students inevitably run into issues where the robot does not do whats intended and identifying the issue is paramount. One example is we used a simple testing method and then worked out if the robot is following the instructions given, to correct this or work out if the its incorrect values. If not they follow the flow chart and identified coding is correct however the updating of the robot when programming was in error. Turns out a few of the cables were faulty when programming directly. Another student identified that when programming via sound the school computers sound settings were too low for the bot to hear it. Following a testing and debugging method was critical in them completing the task.

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