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A Town Like Mparntwe

Mparntwe is the Arrernte word for Alice Springs. I’d like to help my mainly indigenous class develop an app which displays features of Alice Springs in one format and requests the user to input the same feature in another format. The display format could be a picture or a spoken word in Engish or Arrernte and the user has to match that by typing in a match, sometimes in English and sometimes in Arrernte.

For example, a picture of a caterpillar might be shown and the user types in caterpillar in some cases and yeperenye, the Arrernte word, in other cases. Since the Arrernte words are difficult for English speakers there might be a multiple choice option there. Alternatively there could be an initial learning phase of the app.

There might then be some explanation about caterpillars being the major creative ancestors of Mparntwe in indigenous lore.

There would be a lot of issues to work through in developing this app. (1) Obtaining the correct information and permissions to use it from Arrernte speakers (2) the problem of approximate spelling matches for Arrernte words, there is not universal agreement here. But it would be a promising project for all involved to increase their knowledge and understanding of the history of Mparntwe.

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  • Meridith Ebbs (iMerinet): I love your ideas do you mind if I use your concept for some work with my local communities in NSW?
  • Bill Kerr: + Meridith Ebbs Of course, feel free to use, Meredith, all my stuff is open source. I’d be interested to see what progress you make, problems that arise, how they are solved etc. IMO there needs to be a collective endeavour to make good progress in indigenous education.
  • Meridith Ebbs (iMerinet): I am the NSW project officer. I don’t have a school yet but always looking for ideas when I meet with schools. I will keep you in the loop.

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