Nathan Brown▸ Digital Technologies in Society (Task 2)

My family uses the FamCal app. As a teacher organisation is key. There are a lot of co-curricular commitments such as coaching basketball, camps, parent-teacher interviews and then of course the marking, prep and reports. So that's work, how about the chores of running a household such as paying the bills and doing the shopping lists….did I mention I have two kids and partner who works shift work? The FamCal app has been handy for communicating all our appointments, calendars, shift times etc. If we chose to, we can extend it to parents and siblings to keep them in the loop also.
In terms of benefiting society, I have copied a review from the app store that sums up the apps positive functions quite well.

'I am a 27 year old that was paralyzed 6 years ago. This app is perfect for me and my family because I can add a grocery list so if they are at the store- they can see I need eggs and grab be some without even having to call or text….love the memo app where I can add our pictures that I don’t think should go on Facebook, but want family to see.'
-moriahjade, App Store Review, 13/08/2018

#cserApps2FamCal: Shared Family Calendar

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