Bill Kerr▸ Organising Data (Task 4)

In lesson 4.4 about cleaning data there was a link to a School of Data blog post for "a more comprehensive discussion on how to clean your data". I found the "dirty" GRAIN file and went through the steps of that tutorial to clean it up. In the process, I certainly learnt a lot of new things, some of them difficult, about LibreOffice Calc. To help me remember it all and as evidence that I have actually done something, I wrote a summary which I've uploaded to Google Drive. My summary is shorthand so if you want to go through the same learning curve I would recommend the original tutorial, which is very detailed and comprehensive. Whoever wrote it sure knows a lot about spreadsheet functions and tricks. A lot of it is too difficult for a year 7-8 class so I will have to think more about which parts of it I can incorporate into my lessons. I think I could use parts of it as an extension activity for those students who finish the regular tasks quickly. I'd like to find some "dirty" data more relevant to year 7-8s than a GRAIN file. I'm concerned that some might find it too dry.


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