Bill Kerr▸ Designing Solutions (Task 5)

A real world problem when learning indigenous languages.

For example, Arrernte words are difficult to pronounce! I did a beginners course in Arrernte early in 2018. One problem was that when the teachers weren't there I couldn't check whether my pronounciations were correct. I'd like to design and make an app where I prerecord some Arrernte words with my pronounciations and then when I play them to a native language speaker or expert there is an option for them to record corrections.

I did the flowchart with pencil and paper first and then in MS Word. I also started it with Gliffy but abandoned that because they wouldn't let me save it out of their site, without paying $$. I'd be interested in hearing more about good free and open source flowchart programs if anyone has information.

Update (26/12/18): One reason I like this design is that it empowers all of the participants. The developer is learning how to build a useful app. The expert in Arrernte helper is demonstrating their fluency in language. The Arrernte learner is improving their skills in the language.

I'm not sure that my flowchart is correct and would welcome any corrections of it. Need some better tools since producing it in MS Word, overlaying shapes to text boxes is arduous.

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