Peita Bates▸ Developing and Implementing (Task 6)

For our year 7's they create Scratch based apps which has been discussed plenty of times before.

I would prefer instead to talk about our Year 8 Coding as a Language students. they have been using Python to develop apps that improve the 'Accessibility, Wellbeing and/or Opportunities' for people in the local community. Given that this is full text based coding and they only have about 5 weeks to develop, none are yet to reach publish status but the ideas have been remarkable.

The biggest challenge we face is the system the school uses. It has significant limitations on the ability to run modules etc. This causes a lot of frustration but the design and planning has been great.

We are very much looking forward to adding Adobe XD to our arsenal in 2019. Our Year 9 students who will be looking at cultural games in virtual reality will be testing our unity (linked). Fingers crossed.


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  • Ms Isard: Unity looks good, but is there a cost?

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