Bill Kerr▸ Developing and Implementing (Task 6)

App Inventor is wonderful!

I've linked to Google Drive where I store the apps, both aia's and apk's, I've made using it. The app I'll mention here is an extension of Digital Doodle which was demonstrated in the course. It performs simple line drawing on the phone's touch screen, with these added features:
– vary line width with a slider
– vary grey scale with a slider
– clear drawings and help by shaking the phone
– help advice on the opening screen
– reset button for another new user
– ability to save and name pics using textbox and TinyDB
– ability to reload saved pics as background images
– background images can be cleared by pressing load when the text box is empty!
I think a simple version of this app would be a good starting point with the challenge of introducing some of the above features as an extension for more capable students.
#cserApps6Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

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