Ms Isard▸ Designing Solutions (Task 5)

I was looking for Pseudocode online platforms and came across which is amazing in terms of teaching any type of coding, all design elements, data collection/analysis/presentation- a one stop shop for Ts teaching Digi Tech.

In terms of the design process of an app or any problem being solved with tech I see a huge amount of value in Ss doing ‘Pair Programming’ and devising their own rubrics in the assessment/feedback for further improvement. When considering a pedagogical model like SAMR and getting towards the top end of Refining learning this process is highly collaborative and increased learning would naturally occur. I think the teacher guiding and laying the foundations (knowledge and skills within the context of the task) is essential, but a lot of the consolidation is in the effectiveness of them working together and devising/taking action of the rubrics they make #cserApps5Programming Competition,Programming Contest,Online Computer Programming

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