Developing and Implementing (Task 6)

Lesson plan on app development.

first you will introduce all of the student to app inventor. app inventor is a great place for new programmers to start programming apps as you will be working with block and not have to worry about syntax for minor errors. allow around 30 mins to go through an introduction of what app inventor can be used for and how to do set up testing to their mobile phone and how to test on the computer.

next depending on whichever has the most interest you go through an example on how to make a basic game(e.g. ball fling). for a simple app like this allow 40 mins to go through and be sure to ask the students while going through a worked example why they think you would be doing the stuff you are doing.

now its time you allow the students to do the programming of their own as practice is one the most important things when learning to code.

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