Jeff Mead – Task 6

Here is the code that a student of mine wrote to create a weather app in Python.

import tkinter as tk
import requests

HEIGHT = 500
WIDTH = 600

def test_function(entry):
print(“This is the entry:”, entry)

def format_response(weather):
name = weather[‘name’] desc = weather[‘weather’][0][‘description’] temp = weather[‘main’][‘temp’]

final_str = ‘City: %s nConditions: %s nTemperature (°C): %s’ % (name, desc, temp)
final_str = ‘There was a problem retrieving that information’

return final_str

def get_weather(city):
weather_key = ‘b55e177fb7b4d4f1d2d17f4d71777440’
url = ‘’
params = {‘APPID’: weather_key, ‘q’: city, ‘units’: ‘metric’}
response = requests.get(url, params=params)
weather = response.json()

label[‘text’] = format_response(weather)

root = tk.Tk()

canvas = tk.Canvas(root, height=HEIGHT, width=WIDTH)

background_image = tk.PhotoImage(file=’landscape.png’)
background_label = tk.Label(root, image=background_image), relheight=1)

frame = tk.Frame(root, bg=’#80c1ff’, bd=5), rely=0.1, relwidth=0.75, relheight=0.1, anchor=’n’)

entry = tk.Entry(frame, font=40), relheight=1)

button = tk.Button(frame, text=”Get Weather”, font=40, command=lambda: get_weather(entry.get())), relheight=1, relwidth=0.3)

lower_frame = tk.Frame(root, bg=’#80c1ff’, bd=10), rely=0.25, relwidth=0.75, relheight=0.6, anchor=’n’)

label = tk.Label(lower_frame), relheight=1)



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