After doing a bit of research I decided on using flowcharts for the design of an app and found this excellent site (ACTDIP029) (ACTDIP021)

This site was excellent in showing how to design a number of steps to design a quality solution using flow chart. It also gives flow chart symbols and associated activities like Flow Charting App Inventor.

Example Lesson  :

In this lesson, we are going to look at a process called program analysis that is used in computer science to develop solutions to problems. Program analysis is a tool that is critical in the software design process. It is used to test for program correctness in the testing phase of the design process. In addition, it can be used to help with the design phase when you are trying to create a solution for a particular problem. Following the lesson, students can conduct the associated activity Flow Charting App Inventor Tutorials to analyse MIT’s App Inventor tutorials and design and create flow charts explaining how the tutorials function.

Today, we are going to look at one tool used to analyse problems and design and test solutions called a flow chart. (Figure 1 is an example flow chart that provides the possible answers for a child that asks the question, “Can I go to the movies?” Share Figure 1 with students by projecting the image or making handout copies.) Look at the flow chart and see how it addresses all the possible scenarios that can arise with this question.

Lesson Background and Concepts for Teachers

During the course of the lesson, students gain experience with the engineering design process, specifically the concept of program analysis used in computer science to develop solutions to problems. Program analysis is used in the testing phase of the design process to test if a program is written correctly. It is also used in the design phase to help develop solutions to a recognized problem. Students are exposed to tools that may help them in the future to better apply the engineering design process for problem solving



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