Task 1 Option 1

A daily activity could be watering the vegetable garden – this could be either at home, in the school/class vegetable garden. Apart from the physical tasks involved such as attaching the hose and adjusting the rate of flow of water, this task could also involve determining whether the garden needs watering each day by determining the amount of rain that has fallen.  So there may be interconnecting functions [to a weather station for example] – further decomposition. Lots of …if…then…statements.

The steps would include determining whether there had been rain in the last 24 hours, and how much [more than 2mm or less than 2mm]; accordingly either deep soak or light soak. If it had rained in the last 24 hours – is the soild still moist, then lightly soak; if the soil is dry, then deep soak.

A function could take the place of  determining how much rain there was.

A function could take the place of determining moisture/lack of moisture in the soil.

The steps would be repeated each 24 hours – repetition.

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