BookZilla Free Apple and Android App

Some students finish books in record time and are always looking for their next read, while others find it hard to choose books that engage them. BookZilla is brilliant for broadening their reading horizons.

This app is aimed at students 9+ and  will help them choose new books to read, based on their interests and books they’ve enjoyed. They can set up a profile and select which categories they’re interested in, from heartbreakers to graphic novels. The app will then suggest other titles that they might enjoy, with a synopsis of each, so they can buy them in print or on another book app.

When students find a book they like the look of, they can add it to their reading list. They can also log books that they’ve read, review them and share their thoughts with other app users, and set themselves challenges, for example to read five books by a certain date.

The app is designed for tween/teen/young adult readers, and may therefore suggest books that may be best suited to older kids, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their reading list.


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