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Steps to vacuuming 

Step 1
First, clear the area where you’ll be cleaning. This means picking up any items from the carpet.
Step 2
Choose the right attachment for the area that you’re vacuuming.
Consider those especially hard to reach areas of your home that might need a specialized attachment.
And plan ahead before you start cleaning.​
  • If you’re looking to vacuum the stairs, have a hose attachment handy.
  • If you’re vacuuming an area rug, an upholstery attachment will be helpful.
  • For most carpets, a beater brush will optimize the clean!
Step 3
Plug in to run the vacuum cleaner unless it’s cordless.
Try to find an outlet that allows you to move all the way around the room. This way, you can spend less time lugging the vacuum cleaner around the house.
Step 4
Vacuum slowly in all directions.
You can’t just vacuum in straight parallel lines. You have to criss-cross around the room, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. This helps to get more dust and grime out of the carpet fibers.
Step 5
Don’t forget the edges: vacuum all the way to the wall, and if there are baseboards or other decorative elements near the floor, grab a hose attachment and make sure to clean all the way into the crevices.
Also, don’t forget to pay special attention to the corners!
Step 6
Unplug the vacuum cleaner and empty the bag or canister. Then, store it away.

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